Valrei Countdown

Valrei was last updated 6:12:06 ago

Fo will move in 1 day, 12:24:54
Magranon will move in 2:28:54
Libila will move in 1 day, 16:29:54
Wurm will move in 11:50:54

Fo received help from Serenity. 10/15/19 144 6:12:04 ago
Magranon lets loose the Son of Nogumps. 6:32:10 ago
Wurm enters Bleak Plains 12:12:11 ago
Magranon received help from Desertion. 10/14/19 689 12:49:01 ago
Libila commands the Spawn of Uttachas. 15:12:11 ago

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